One Key to Successful Aging

Successful Aging Regardless of age, I think it can be agreed upon that sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the cornerstones to health and physical well-being. 

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Setting Fitness Goals

Don’t Worry About the Outcome! While studying for my Human Kinetics undergraduate degree, I was taught and encouraged to implement the SMART protocol when setting

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The Principle of Specificity

The SAID Principle There is something to be said about the SAID principle, which stands for specific adaptations to imposed demands.  Essentially, the principle states

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The Warm-Up Revamped

How do you warm-up? When somebody says “I’m going to go and warm-up” at the start of a workout or before a competition or race,

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What Great Coaches Do

Coach vs. Trainer: Is there a difference?   There is an on-going discussion in the personal training and strength and conditioning industry regarding the difference

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