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Optimize Your Health

We help people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their health and performance goals – regardless of your starting point.

Who We Help

  • Busy professionals looking to find time in their schedule for healthy habits.
  • Athletes looking to improve their movement quality.
  • Older adults in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s to help continue to move and develop their strength.
  • People experiencing pain who want to move freely again.

Train Smart, Move Better, Feel Better

Our 3-step process will help you achieve your optimal Health, Fitness, and Performance Goals.

Getting To Know You

First, we believe in getting to know you and understanding what you enjoy most, whether it is a structured gym routine, participating in a team sport/league, taking your dog for a walk, or playing with your kids/grandkids – and then building workout sessions and programs that compliment your experience, and what you value and enjoy. There is no cookie-cutter approach to helping people reach their health and performance goals. There are a multitude of ways to become fitter and healthier, whether it is going to the gym, playing a team sport, or cleaning and gardening – and they all have their merits.

Introducing New Methods

Acquiring optimal health and performance requires a varied approach. We will collaborate with you to find the right balance of metabolic conditioning with mechanical strength, coupled with recovery exercises, sessions, or even recovery-based days, to help you reach your goals.

Over time, the more your fitness program incorporates variability, the more resilient and injury-proof your body is going to become. Moving in multiple planes, with different loads, and at different speeds will help encourage your skin, fascia, muscles, and bones to all positively adapt and to help bulletproof your body.

Assess And Evolve

Every workout builds upon the previous sessions. We are continually assessing how you are progressing, and build each workout based on how you feel that day, your current fitness level, and where you want to go.

Had a busy week, lack of sleep, or have a competition coming up? Then, you might feel best by focusing on mobility, flexibility, and recovery exercises. Or, maybe you are feeling motivated and have lots of energy, then it makes sense to have a higher-intensity session, and put some positive stress on the body.

Meet The Team

Personal trainers at Breathe Fitness share a common purpose of dedicating their livelihood to helping others achieve their health and performance goals. Our professional trainers are genuine, respectful, and personable who want to help you succeed. We are an inclusive and welcoming community, with the shared interest of pursuing your unique health and fitness goals.





What Our Clients Say


… They have helped me reach my own personal goals and keep me accountable and motivated to continue pushing myself. I couldn’t recommend them more to anyone looking for some fabulous personal training!”


… from my experience Breathe Fitness is top-notch. I started with Breathe 6 months ago as a committed amateur athlete and have learned so much through the experience.”


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