Older Adult Fitness Programs

Older Adult (50+) Fitness

Be active, gain fitness, and maximize your health, one step at a time.

Strength Training For the Older Adult

Breathe Fitness is committed to consistently delivering safe, efficient, and effective exercise programs for our older adult (50+ year old) clientele.

 We customize each workout based on our clients goals, while taking into consideration any physical limitations you may need help addressing.  Previous injuries, chronic health conditions, and muscular imbalances (consider slouched shoulders from sitting!) are just a few examples of what we can help you overcome.

In short, we are constantly striving to help our older clientele become stronger, more resilient, and to remain injury-free.

What You Can Expect

Set and Achieve Manageable Goals

If you want to enhance your functionality, become stronger, improve your balance, mobility and coordination, and decrease your risk of injury – we can help!

A Client-Centred Approach

Exercise and daily activity is a life-long pursuit. Our ultimate goal is to help guide you to becoming educated and confident in making sustainable life-long change – no fads or quick gimmicks. Just science with a pinch of common sense!

Accountability + Motivation = Success

Are you ready to move, function, and perform better? Contact us today to book your initial online or in-person consultation, and let us help you take meaningful step-by-step actions to improving your physical well-being and quality of living!

Become Stronger & More Resilient

Strength training is NOT about bulking up.

Regardless of age, we want all of our clients to be STRONGER and HEALTHIER than yesterday.

Incorporating exercises that focus on stability, mobility, coordination, flexibility, and strength are going to allow you to perform activities of daily living (ADL) or recreational sporting activities with confidence.

Introductory Packages




On Zoom or in-person.

See how we can help you feel your best.

Ask questions, learn more about us, and no pushy sales!

12-Week Online Fitness Program


(plus GST)

Motivated to workout on your own?

Receive a personalized video-led program to follow on your own schedule!

Keep improving with new workouts every 4-weeks.

1-to-1 Sessions


(plus GST)
On Zoom or in-person You choose: 3 x 60 minutes 4 x 45 minutes 6 x 30 minutes

What Our Clients Say

Read what our clients in their 50s have to say about training with us!


Breathe fitness’ focus on dynamic core stability has helped me go beyond my old injuries and limitations. They have helped me understand the principles of the exercises, and all can be modified and adapted easily to my home environment. 


… from my experience Breathe Fitness is top-notch. I started with Breathe 6 months ago as a committed amateur athlete and have learned so much through the experience.”


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