Bike storage includes a storage stall and access to bike maintenance tools.

The change room and showers are OPEN.

The monthly fee of $21 will be waived until further notice.

There is a scanner on the wall beside the entrance door to the parkade.

Be careful going up and down the first ramp as the floor has drainage slats.

The Bicycle Storage area is on Parkade Level 2.


  • 1-year membership: $42 per month
  • 6-month membership: $52.50 per month
  • PLUS 1 membership: On-hold at this time

Are you a full-time Enbridge employee? Your membership fees will be covered by your employer.

Bicycle Storage Access
You will be emailed our revised membership form and waiver. Send back your completed forms. You will be notified when your access has been verified.

**Only employees of Enbridge Centre tenants that are currently back to work in the building are eligible to use the Fitness Centre, Bicycle Storage areas, and Golf Simulator. You will not be able to use the facilities if you are working remotely or from home.

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