Cherise Thievin

Cherise is a CSEP-CPT certified and CES certified Personal Fitness Trainer who is also PN1 certified and is proud to have graduated from the NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer program. She has been advancing her career focusing on helping enrich the lives of her clients while continuing her journey developing an authentic and professional career as a fitness, health and lifestyle coach.

Finding the balance between training for races, or just for overall fitness and daily living, while staying injury free is a common goal among her clientele. A focus on corrective exercise, sports performance, and exercise theory fuel her passion for coaching young adults and older clients alike. Cherise is especially passionate about coaching and refereeing basketball for the 6th consecutive year with Parkland Community Basketball and surrounding area, especially for the young athletic women in her community.

As a former local young athlete herself, and a current player in a variety of adult recreational team sports like basketball, ultimate frisbee and flag football, Cherise understands that there is a need to give our communities proper tools to help them understand functional training and athleticism. She hopes to facilitate and develop the skill sets and knowledge base of her clients, as she continues to strengthen and to empower the people around her.

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